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Better Globe

Contribute to reducing the threat of climate change and global warming

One of the positive environmental effects of creating tree plantations is that we help reduce climate change and global warming. Planting trees is one of the few ways to offset the carbon footprint and become carbon neutral.
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Being carbon neutral means removing as much carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as we put in. CO2 is absorbed by trees and other green plants before being released into the atmosphere through consumption, transport, and food intake. This is still not an exact science, but environmental organizations throughout the world are working hard to agree on how to measure and put a price on various kinds of carbon dioxide uptake.

What is clearly the starting point, however, is that living trees are the dominant form of photosynthesis on earth. Photosynthesis is what occurs in all living plants, which absorb carbon dioxide and return it to the ground where it belongs. Problems arise when people begin to dig up these resources and burn them. Everything that burns emits carbon dioxide including wood, coal, oil, gas, and peat. The problem is that Earth’s plants cannot absorb these toxins as quickly as we burn and release them.

One way to help improve our environment is to plant a formidable number of trees to compensate for trees that have already been lost and those we continue to destroy. We can never recover rain forests or other natural environments, but every little contribution towards making the desert a greener place can make difference.

Deforestation occurs in the tropics at a rate of 123,000 square kilometers per year. That is clearly an entirely unsustainable rate. It corresponds to a square area of 350 kilometers on all sides, which, in turn, is equivalent to half the land area of the UK each year.

In other parts of the world, people are trying hard to increase the rate of replanting trees, but on a worldwide basis the net loss is still 94,000 square kilometers per year. This represents the area of Iceland or South Korea—each year! At this rate, the forests will disappear, as we simultaneously increase our consumption and our emissions, an equation that is simply unacceptable.

Become carbon neutral and get a certificate

If you buy 12 donation packages each year, you will contribute to planting at least 48 trees a year. Since we are planting in dry and difficult areas, we do not compete with any food production or farmers. This means that all 48 trees are 100% effective in hindering deforestation in the world. In addition, you will help improve the relationship between tree planting and tree felling, which is currently at the ratio of 1 to 28 in Africa. In other words, for every 28 trees cut down, only one is being planted.

The United Nations has compiled statistics that show the usage of carbon dioxide per person per year is approximately 10 tons, or 22 tons per family per year. This means that by purchasing 12 donation packages per year, you are not only being carbon neutral but also having a positive effect by neutralizing more carbon than you use, since 48 trees absorb approximately 24 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
Contribute to the microcredit operations

This is something we think you should be proud of, and we send out certificates to all customers who buy 12 donation packages per year.