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Better Globe

Water — the most precious resource

Water is ranked among the world’s most important resources. Yet we often assume that water comes free when you turn on the tap. According to some sources, up to one billion people on earth lack clean water. Every day, around 5,000 children under the age of five die because of dirty water, a lack of toilets, and poor knowledge of hygiene.
Microfinance and microcredit

In most areas of Africa where Better Globe is located, there seems to be a natural shortage of water. For example, in Sosoma, only one water well has been drilled in an area of more than 60,000 hectares, and those who live there spend most of the day trying to find water to take home.

There are many dry riverbeds where water can be found just below the surface, but the quality is poor. The main job for women and children is to collect water. Water can be stored during the two rainy seasons in these parts of Africa, but it cannot be saved for a long period of time.

Better Globe can collect water and save it — water that can then be given away to the community. It’s not just water that is important but also knowledge, training, and microfinancing in order to reach a permanent solution to this problem.

Because of both global and local climate change, one of the two rainy seasons in northeastern, sub-Saharan Africa has been missed for more than four years, which means that the drought is severe. Planting trees, collecting and distributing water, learning simple skills such as composting, and long-term work are necessary to reverse this trend.

Contribute by purchasing a donation package with 500 liters of water!

Contribute to the microcredit operations

A donation package comes with 500 liters/130 gallons of clean water, which is given away to people near our tree plantations.