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Better Globe

The "Mboti out-growers waterproject"

Better Globe’s first microfinance project is an initiative of Mboti, in the Mwingi East District in Kenya. The area is home to 12 people per square kilometer, and poverty is widespread.
The Mboti out-growers waterproject

Twenty-three percent of children under 5 years of age are malnourished, and 44 children per 1,000 die before reaching 1 year of age. Rainfall is less than 300-500 mm per year, and the temperature is constantly between 24 and 29 Celsius. The area has no water available, and the narrow rivers contain water for only a few days after each rainy season. Those living here engaged in agriculture raise mostly cows and goats. Each family owns between 10 and 170 acres of land and usually does its best. More than half the population live below the UN poverty standard, meaning they have less than 360 dollars a year to survive.

Funding the project involves a start-up phase of 100 of these farmers and their families. These farmers, in association with Better Globe and the Agro Forestry Sacco (Savings and Credit Cooperative), support one another to save money and receive credit for each other. Association members consist of farmers in the area, which in the context of this project, will start growing Mukauskog and thereby create their own additional revenue based on the nutrition Better Globe creates from its own plantation with Mukau-trees.

Sacco is an independent organization owned by its members. The author’s framework is driven from the perspective to be transparent and efficient functioning of its members.

Their pilot project involves 100 farmers and 150 hectares of land. The start-up phase is expected to take three years, and it all starts with water. Financing in the first phase is designed to establish watering holes, casing, water kiosks, and the organization will then sell and distribute water to the affiliated members and others.

Stakeholder donations are also important for Better Globe. They are also included in the donation package and used to maintain schools that were built in the area. The Mboti primary school currently has 240 children, and several of the children’s families are members of Mboti Sacco.

Better Globe has additional capital available for good projects and initiatives in areas around our plantations. People who run the business can, over time, repay the borrowed amount, which can be lent again for new projects. To assist with funding in this way is extremely effective in really helping the Third World be self-supportive.

Better Globe provides assistance in their fields of expertise—water and forestry. Long before we have achieved our overall goal of planting five billion trees in Africa, we will be automated to some extent, which will be a significant contribution to poor farmers in Africa.