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Better Globe

Planting trees and establishing tree plantations

According to estimates by the United Nations, 24 billion tons of fertile soil disappear annually due to desertification in the world. Desertification affects one quarter of the total land surface of the globe. The most effective way to prevent this major threat is by improving agriculture.
Planting Better Globe trees and establishing tree plantations

Better Globe always establishes its plantations in semidesert areas, where neither forestry nor any agriculture has existed previously. We choose this method purposely based on our intention to combat poverty, desertification, and water shortage. Many companies are accused of land grabbing, but our way of conducting business is to grow our plantations by consulting the local people. We believe that improving social protection is the most effective way to combat poverty, and we do what can to stop desertification and water shortages.

Because we purposely locate our plantations in the worst possible agricultural areas, we have been forced to become experts in the choice and care of trees. We select only those trees that can thrive in these severe climatic conditions. We have gained valuable knowledge and expertise in dealing with water and irrigation efficiency. We share this knowledge with the local farmers in seminars and activities connected with micro lending.

Better Globe works with a drip irrigation system without mechanical parts or energy supplements of any kind; our system provides water to young tree seedlings over a very widespread area. We can be very effective in conserving water and creating large green areas in the middle of semidesert areas that otherwise could become completely desertified within ten years.

Owners and residents in these areas are eager for Better Globe to establish plantations. This is because we are creating jobs and finding ways to supply water. We also contribute toward establishing schools and increasing microloan availability.

Trees are the smallest building block of Better Globe

Tree planting is at the core of our concept to combat hunger, poverty, climate deterioration, and desertification. Trees are important, valuable, and necessary for our existence, and also essential in restoring the balance of nature while giving vegetation a chance to survive in these areas. Tree roots bind soil and prevent erosion. Trees also conserve rainwater and reduce water runoff.

By preserving and preparing the ground, planting and replanting, harvesting, and caring for trees, we are able to create a variety of jobs, which is one of the most essential aspects of Better Globe’s business.

The trees Better Globe plants

  • Acacia Senegal – a relatively common tree in Africa that produces gum Arabic, which is used in a number of different ways.
  • Mukau – a tree that once grew wild in Africa on a large scale but is now protected by laws and almost extinct. Mukau is a hardwood and is valuable for flooring, furniture, window, and much more.

Contribute by purchasing a donation package or trees today!

Contribute by purchasing a donation package or tree

A donation package contains four trees. Two of these are donated to local communities. The other two trees will give you an annual return from the fifth year to the twentieth. The package also contributes money for education, micro financing, and 500 liters/130 gallons of clean water. 

The Better Globe trees are planted and taken care of by the Kenyan company Better Globe Forestry. Visit Better Globe Forestry's website to see pictures from the plantations and learn more about the various Better Globe projects; all funded with Better Globe's donation packages and tree purchases.