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Better Globe

Recommend Better Globe and get a free donation package

Better Globe is working as a market-driven charity and puts no money aside for expensive advertising, television advertising, or lobbying. Better Globe is wholly dependent on having satisfied customers who appreciate that the money they donate and the trees they buy are used for what they are intended. Better Globe exists because our satisfied customers tell other people about Better Globe and what we contribute.
Satisfied customers

This is something we are very grateful for and want to encourage. Many families are customers and buy their own trees; others do business as a customer but also offer their staff a chance to become one of our customers.

Better Globe shows their appreciation for this by giving a free donation to those who have helped convey Better Globe’s concept to others. You get a free donation, including two trees, 500 liters of water, € 1.50 for schools, and € 1.50 for microfinancing. You receive this free for months if you have acquired six other customers who donate to Better Globe.

How to receive a free donation package each month

When another family member, a colleague at the firm, or a friend joins Better Globe, that person must register using your customer number. Stated simply,

  • You recommend Better Globe to the other person.
  • You give him/her a link to the website with your customer number (also referred to as AID code) at the end. If your customer number is 12345, your reference link would be "".
  • The person reads about Better Globe.
  • The person chooses to become a customer of Better Globe and buys a donation package.
  • As the person entered your customer number when signing up, Better Globe knows you recommended that person.
  • When six people have signed up as above, you get your free donation package.

If they donate again next month, you get another free donation, and it will continue on as long as your customers, your friends, or your family donate. If anyone stops donating, you can just get yourself a new donating customer.

Recommend Better Globe today!

Recommend Better Globe To recommend Better Globe, you first need to become a customer and buy a tree or donation package. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Become a customer and purchase a donation package or trees right now »