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  • Miti
    Better Globe's Tree Business Magazine
    Better Globe Forestry introduces an innovative business model for sustainable development. How to expect European business people to put money into planting trees in Kenya, with an estimated payback period of 20 years?

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  • Better Globe Intro Video
    Watch our animated video to better understand what Better Globe does and how you can help.
  • Travel Narrative
    Customers Visiting Kenya
    18 customers went in August to explore Better Globe's tree plantations in Kenya, outgrowers, a microfinance bank, and schools funded by Better Globe. They were also to see Africa's wildlife.

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Global Interest in Helping
How can Better Globe change the whole concept of aid given to Africa through its profitable business ventures? Better Globe provides self-help for people in Africa - with good profit to you as customer.
More about Better Globe's work...
Fight Global Warming
  • Become carbon neutral
  • Fight poverty in Africa
  • Hinder Desertification
  • Hinder loss of arable land

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Better Globe Forestry on WAF Award's short list

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